Christmas Crafts for Toddlers

the countdown begins! today marks 30 days until Christmas! one of my favorite activities to do with Sloan is arts and crafts. i know we jumped the gun, but we had no school today and i’ve already decorated the house for Christmas, so it just felt right!

do you remember in elementary school where you’d make the countdown chains? we made one today to prepare for Christmas! this project is a really quick one and you more than likely have the supplies lying around your house.

What you need:
construction paper (i like to use 3+ colors to get a fun pattern)
glue stick/tape/glue (even a stapler would work!)
scissors or paper cutting machine

1. cut strips of your colored paper (vary the sizes of strips if you’d like!)
2. establish a pattern (great learning lesson for the kiddos)
3. with your first strip, place glue at one end of the strip and bring the opposite end to touch making a circle
4. with the second strip, repeat step 3 but be sure to loop the ends through the first circle you made




we had so much fun that even the cat and dog joined in to watch us! isn’t archibald so stinking cute? he’s a very sweet and tolerant little guy. he even feel asleep sitting up watching!


for the sign:
i had this frame sitting in the garage from our wedding.  i used a black thick poster board and drew my design first in pencil and then painted the rest on. what’s nice, is that i messed up several times but i just painted the entire board black again and once it was dried i made another attempt!

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