christmas gift guide

one of the many wonderful qualities about women is that when it comes to the holidays, gift giving is simple. get her something for the bath, a warm blanket, or even an amazing smelling candle and she’s happy. the gentleman on the other hand? does anyone else feel like it’s near impossible to pick out a gift for them? not only that, if you do happen to know what they “want” they are often likely to go out and just get it for themselves before anyone has the opportunity to present it as a gift!

for this holiday season, i’ve partnered with my husband to create a christmas gift guide for the gentlemen. now, i can’t guarantee this list will be to every man’s liking. i do not aim to generalize here only simply inspire you to find a gift that will suit the man in your life!

Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

  1. men’s leather messenger bag 
  2. men’s docking station
  3. the kaufmann mercantile guide
  4. the tie bar style box
  5. clarks desert boot  (the photo really does not do the boots justice, visit this link here)
  6. aluminum portable external battery
  7. mvmt black/tan leather watch
  8. state map bottle cap display

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