DIY | Last minute father’s day gifts

i love DIY gifts – partly because they are A LOT of fun to create, but also, because i believe the receiving individual can tell all the hard work and thought you’ve put into this gift. it means more.. right? more thought, more time?

father’s day snuck up on me this year, most holidays do, now that i think about it. anyways, i love the dad’s in my life. they are absolutely incredible men. so why not gift a present they’ll love and utilize.. daily.

men love coffee and men love to grill (i understand i may be generalizing, but the men in my life love these two things) so for this years gifts i decorated a coffee mug and serving platers with personalized messages and a sharpie. pinterest for the win!

DIY | Grill Plates1. DIY Grilling Prep Plates (see source post here). i found this idea on pinterest, my steps were a little different than hers and it turned out great as well! really – this is an incredible idea.

– i bought my plates from target, see large here and small here.
– i picked a font i loved on word (mine is Bernard MT Condensed) and printed out/cut each letter for my message.
– next i taped each letter down on my plate and checked for appropriate spacing and traced with my permanent marker!
**for those oops that are bound to happen, a q-tip and cotton ball with some water will come in handy.
– i let the marker sit for 24 hours and then i baked the plates in the oven at 350 degrees for a total of 30 min!

Positively, Lacy | DIY Distance Mug
Positively, Lacy | DIY Distance Mug

2. DIY Distance Mug

– when shopping for my mug, it was important that the face was really long as i needed a lot of room for my quote.
– the lettering was all freehand. if i can do it, you can too. it did take me several attempts to finally perfect my writing on the mug. lets just say, a wetted down cotton ball will be your best friend. the marker does rub off prior to baking!
– for the states, i google searched state outlines and put both into a word doc and sized them side by side so they’d be similar.
– i taped the cut out outlines to my mug and traced with sharpie!
– just like the grill plates, i let the maker sit for 24 hours prior to baking for 30 min at 350 degrees.

happy crafting!

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