wooden rectangular box

i love DIY. for those of you that know me personally, know that this is a true statement and there are very few DIYs that i will not attempt. there is something very empowering about teaching yourself how to use power tools and then seeing the end product. my end products are by no means perfect, or even remotely close to it, however, i sure am proud of every feat!

today i wanted to share with you one of my most recent DIYs, my new centerpiece for the dining room table! i have seen these all over IG and when i went shopping for one, i was less than happy about the price tag. so what is a girl to do? make one herself! wooden box, rectangle box, diy, how to make a rectangle wooden box1. minwax pre-stain – i highly recommed that you use this if you plan on staining wood!
2. painters pyramid – use these! it will make the process faster, you can stain both sides of the wood at the same time!
3. gorilla wood glue
4. 20 count #4 0.75in wood screws – yes, i could of used a nail gun, but i do not have one!
5. minwax wood finish in special walnut – i loved how this color turned out! a little bit goes a long way.
6. hemlock wood 4in x 4ft – 2 boards hemlock wood 4in x 6ft – 1 board
*please note, i did have some of these supplies already in my garage so my total expenses might be different from yours but not by much!

since i love the rustic look, i did NOT stain my wood prior to applying the wood conditioner. if you’d like to sand yours prior, to each their own!
wooden box, rectangle box, diy, how to make a rectangle wooden box

Step 1: i grabbed an old cotton tank top that i no longer wear and cut it into 2 pieces and used this as my cloth.  i applied a thin coat of the minwax pre-stain on all sides of my 3 boards. when staining, go in the direction of the wood, back and forth. also, a little bit of stain goes a long way! after that, i laid the boards on top of the painter’s pyramids and let them dry for 1 hour.

Step 2: repeat step one using the minwax wood finish and a fresh cloth instead. when applying stain, it’s not like painting. feel free to use a little elbow grease and rub the stain into the wood. i allowed the stain to dry for 2 hours.
wooden box, rectangle box, diy, how to make a rectangle wooden box

step 3: here is where i have to apologize to you, i do not have photos for these next steps! the 6ft board needs to be cut down to 4 ft. use a measuring tape, mark your line and cut! (don’t throw away the left over piece, you will use this for the ends)

step 4: place one board flat on the ground. this will become the bottom of your box. place the other two boards on either long side of your board to create the long sides of your box. looking at where the bottom board and the side boards touch, this where i pre-drilled my holes for my screws. i spaced my screws one every 6 inches.

step 5: after my holes were pre-drilled, i used the gorilla glue and applied a line of glue along the skinny long side edge of my bottom board. set your side boards back up, make sure you remember which one goes on what side so your holes match up. once you’re sure the holes match up, insert your wood screws to secure the sides.

step 6: hopefully you are still following me here and you have something that resembles an almost complete box. using that leftover piece you cut off earlier, measure and mark the size of wood you’ll need to make each of the short side end pieces. cut!

final step! you’re going to pre-drill 4 hours in the faceplate of each side end. two for the top corners, two for the bottom. after you’ve pre-drilled, apply your wood glue on the three ends that touch the other wood. insert your wood screws to attach the short side ends and viola! happy decorating!

wooden box, rectangle box, diy, how to make a rectangle wooden box

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  • Michaela Harris
    December 5, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    Hey, just found you on Instagram & made my way to your blog. I love this DIY! I’m thinking of making a similar sized box but instead of it being a hollow box, using a drill bit to place pillar candles in more of a black of wood. I agree with the feelings about teaching yourself to use power tools! haha…it IS satisfying (plus it makes my husband proud 😉

    • LacyArthur
      December 5, 2015 at 9:01 pm

      Welcome Michaela!! Thank you for commenting/visiting my blog. I LOVE the idea of the hollow box and placing pillar candles in the pre-drilled holes. When/if (I should just say when!!) you finish making it, let me know! I’d love to see how it turns out. I like your blog!! I will be sure to keep up with it!