i do not know about you, but now that it’s fall and we’re back in school and the holidays are coming up, i need to feel a bit more organized! being a stay at home mom is not as easy as i thought it was going to be. surprisingly, with everyone home all day, the mess just intensifies! who would have thought? ha.

truth be told, when i first started staying at home back in march, i was feeling a bit lost and disorganized. i had a tough time getting truly connected with daily life and seemed to be lacking motivation and guidance. i went from working in the corporate world, 7am-5pm and every day was highly structured by someone else’s needs, to coming home and being in charge of every little detail.

it was a rough adjustment at first, some days are still not perfect, but that’s life! right?? to help with the new transition, i created a daily schedule for myself and my family which proved to really help with my motivation and focus! i am one who needs reminders to keep myself on task [i blame the adhd 😉 ]

below you will see my example from the previous school year and how i plan out our week day activities and the actual template. i do not have the best handwriting so i typed in all of my schedule.  i have also included the link below if you would like to download your own pdf! this pdf would be great somewhere on the wall in your home or even in a family binder!

Fall Into Organization with a Daily Schedule | Positively, Lacy
Fall Into Organization with a daily schedule | Positively, Lacy
click here for your daily schedule pdf!

i do hope that this pdf helps keep you organized as much as it helps me!

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