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for the new year, it would not be wise of me to make resolutions to get fit, get organized or even eat more kale. nothing against kale, i love it in my smoothies, but those resolutions would never stick. so for this new year, i will endeavor to be a better parent. my resolve to be a better parent does not mean that i believe myself to be a terrible mom. i am a firm believer that we are never truly complete and that there is always room for growth and improvement. i have many roles in my life but being a mother is by far one of the top priorities. it’s never too late, to reflect on your current parenting style/characteristics and be the difference your child needs in their life. and so, my reflection is as follows:

1. spend less time parenting and more time having fun

we had a snow day recently and to be honest, it was the most fun i’ve had with my darling girl in a long while. there were no timeouts, no fits, just pure laughter and joy. the difference? i stopped correcting her, i let her play and joined in on the fun with her.

parenting resolutions
parenting resolutions

2. be a digital role model

if you want your children to live unplugged, then as their parent and guide in life, you should live unplugged! i spent my childhood building forts, playing outdoors and playing with dolls. it may be convenient to plop a child in front of the tv or give them an iPad but in my opinion, this is not parenting! it’s laziness!

parenting resolutionsparenting resolutions3. have more mother/daughter dates. 

everyone “feels” love in different ways. quality time is at the top of both S and i’s love language lists. yes, family time is important but at times, the one-on-one outings and adventures are necessary, not to mention a ton of fun!

4. spend more time with God

5. be grateful

parenting can be tough at times, but at the end of the day, you have family that loves you, food in your belly and a roof over your head. being a parent is a gift and some may lose sight of that when things get tough.

parenting resolutionsparenting resolutionsparenting resolutionsparenting resolutions

6. more family adventures

life is not about the objects we own but rather the memories we make during our adventures with family and loved ones.

7. recharge with my partner 

a part of parenting is providing your children with a happy and healthy home and that starts with the parents. it’s important to make your marriage and spouse a priority and not an obligation.
parenting resolutionsparenting resolutionsparenting resolutionsparenting resolutionsparenting resolutionsparenting resolutions

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